„I draw to enter worlds, that don’t even exist“

Hi there, curious explorer! It’s time to introduce myself properly. So, I’m Daniela Laura and I was born in Havana, Cuba. My inspiration for very colorful and saturated illustrations probably comes from there. I like to dip my brushes into unknown waters which leads to quite a lot of style changes but my prismatic color scheme is the common denominator through all of my work.

I started out as a Graphic Designer, which led my way into becoming a Digital Artist. My favourite thing to do now is Character Design.

The creation of unusual creatures always excites me and my current dream is to actually bring said characters to life through Animation.

When I’m not animating or scribbling away, I like to go climbing. I also love spending time with friends and enjoying delicious food. Oh, and speaking of food: I’d like to thank the inventor of chocolate, as it’s the perfect treat to get me through long drawing sessions. Many projects wouldn’t have reached their completion without you.

Daniela Laura

Graphic Designer, Illustrator


I started my studies at the Superior Institute of Design (ISDi) in Havana. There I was able to catch my first glimpses of illustrated worlds and I knew: I want to create something like that as well. So I learned how to draw and started to make my very first illustrations, both as digital and traditional art.


I graduated from University as a Graphic Designer, and started to work in the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industries (ICAIC). At the same time I was working as a freelancer. Back then I did a lot of animations, campaings and corporate identity projects and enjoyed my work to the fullest.


I developed a sense of wanderlust and decided to move to Dresden, Germany which turned out to be a great decision. I got the opportunity to work as a Graphic Designer in the Communication Agency IKONUM and have been creating custom-fit designs for clients since then.


At the moment I continue my work as a graphic Designer in IKONUM, and also work as a freelancer in Illustration and Motion Design. I’m very excited about what the future holds for me, and I hope to always continue my artistic journey further into unexplored territory.

Software Proficiency

Adobe Photoshop99%
Adobe Illustrator99%
Adobe Indesign99%
Adobe AfterEffects89%